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MiBot Brothers

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Hi everyone,

Here comes my first CUUSOO project—MiBot (the abbreviation of "Mini Robot") Brothers. The two metal boys, MiBot-II (left) and MiBot-IV (right), were born in my secret robot factory. ;)

To my best of knowledge, MiBot-II is almost the smallest LEGO Mech (4.6 cm tall) and featured with 11 articulations. He is small but fully poseable!!!

MiBot-IV, like an elder brother, is much stronger. He is always proud of his powerful right arm and uses it to protect his younger brother.

Besides the tons of articulations, I also put many details on MiBot brothers to make them look nicer, such as the design of asymmetric arms, the yellow bracelets, and exhaust and antenna on their backpacks.

Hopefully you like them. Thanks for your supports.

Front view of MiBot-IV and his younger brother MiBot-II.

They are family and depending on each other.

Back view

"I can fly~"

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