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Evel Knievel King of the Daredevils


This is a lego set of the legendary daredevil Evel Knievel! I grew up, like a lot of adults an Evel Knievel fan. I know this set would be a big seller for Lego! It includes Evel with his motorcycle. The take off and landing ramps, a bed of fire, and the classic Sky Rocket Cycle! I see many other sets that could be made from this idea. I am 47 and a fan of the daredevil. And I have a 11 year old son who is fascinated by Evel Knievel! This is just the beginning, We could create the Trailer truck, more cycles, a stunt stadium. Maybe have it actually make the Lego cycle jump the ramps.  The possibilities are endless. We all know Evel Knievel wanted the best, and this is  perfect way to relieve the memories of the 70's and keep his iconic image alive.

Also the Trucks, cars and cycles would have the red white and blue motif. They would be created with more detail also. I also would like to see the cycle move across the path and freely over the ramps. The fun would see if it makes it over. Also I see a full lego set of a stunt stadium also with crowd, more accessories , Othere styles motor cycles. Maybe make the cycles a wind up lego toy that will move on it's own.

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