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Magical Cottage of Erin, the Enchantress From the Forest

Considering Erin is a smart witch - not exactly those old ladies who used to offer weird apples, but she has them too, just in case...
Well, she prefers to be called the Enchantress of the Forest, it means, she lives in a magical place in the middle of the forest, that is, only those who really need it come and she gladly helps.
She asks you for nothing in return except the opportunity to mention her name to someone in need just once, and once that's done, never to think about it again.
That way she can keep focus on what really matters; discover the elementary mysteries of life.

The general idea is an affordable, playful and nostalgic set, considering classic and new techniques, as well as the concept of the Castle line and its inspirations that continue to delight Lego lovers.

There are external and internal scenes, thanks to the simple and efficient "open-close" mechanism, maintaining the compact shape of the set and allowing good moments of magic when opening - without losing the "story" around the cottage.

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