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Medieval Country House

Welcome to the Medieval Country House!
The Medieval Country House is a medieval themed house in the country where travelers can stop to rest. This model includes two easily detachable levels, and a removable roof to make it convenient to play with. It also comes with three minifigures. There is a husband and wife, as well as a tired traveler. On the first floor there is a kitchen where delicious food can be cooked, a small storeroom under the stairs attached to the kitchen for keeping vegetables, cheese, bread, and more, a dining area, and a fireplace to rest by after a long travel. In the upstairs area of the Medieval Country House there is a main bedroom, and also a guest bedroom for weary travelers that stop by. Outside, there is beautiful woodwork, trees, and flowers.
I built this set because I thought it would be a wonderful addition to LEGO medieval collections. With its easy accessibility and many play functions it is a great set to add to your medieval land. I hope you like the Medieval Country House and support it so that it can become a product.

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