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Lego Idea Illusion


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An illusion is something is a perception of reality in which it makes things look like something it is not. I tried to put that definition into lego form. This is a very cool lego idea illusion in which if you turn it to one side, you get LEGO, and if you tilt it the other, you get IDEA. I saw this illusion on the internet, I knew from that moment, that I had to make a lego idea of it. I finally started doing lego designing again because I finally got into my account after forgetting my password. Also, studio updated it's OS policy, so I had to use my mom's laptop to do this. I couldn't have done it without her. I hope you like this and support my other sets too! Another one is almost at 100! I will have a new illusion update every time we hit 100! thanks.

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