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Drive Thru Hardware Store


Well I promised a different build for my many followers of Lightningtiger so I tossed this one together today.

My latest mini build is also built into this one and I thought what could I do different. Well a picture speaks a thousand words as the old saying goes.

Now first let me explain no side walls, this is designed to be a play set or to go between buildings with the other buildings walls making up this project's walls.

A simple counter with computer terminal, an Octan Co-op sales rep and a customer (farmer) are included a long with the hardware display.

The roller door idea comes from a handful of rural merchants in Australia having just a roller or sliding garage door as it's main point of entry to it.

The frontage has an art deco-ish feel to it with the use of sand green parts, regular green is used at the top due to parts availability issues.

The cost of this project would be around the 50 dollars US mark and it's part count is 202 parts.

If you like this project please support this one and my mini build that goes in this one thank you.

Also I must thank you for taking the time reading, Brick On Support On everyone ! 

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