Product Idea |

Space and Beyond.

Explore and conquer the galaxy where no other brick or plate have ever reached.
This idea is a set of 4 main vehicles and ships, along with 2 smaller support vehicles.

Includes the following:

Drilling Heavy-duty unit ¨Hefestus.¨ A land vehicle with powerful dual drills and a hulk that will abide any task in uncharted world.  Allow this beast to destroy any obstacles in the way while it obtains important resources like minerals and ore.

Rapid -reconaise dual vehicle ¨Hermes¨. This fast vehicle can go anywhere due to its powerful drive train and huge wheels. It includes probes and antennae to comunnicate its discoveries. It includes an even faster ship that can transport you where terrain gets impossible and a pretty small vehicle for tunnels.

Steath fighter  ¨the Cerberus.¨  Beware! This small single unit ship that may attack you before you even notice it. With state of the act stealth tech, it can be anywhere quickly and silently. It includes a small landing vehicle for basic exploration and powerful weapondry.

Ioinzer trusting ship." Apollo "  To serve and protect in good old fashion style. This retro inspired enforcer will be there to protect the explores whenever they go. Using its solar energy trusting engine and its poweful lazer, it can ensure security throughout the galaxy. It includes an explorer robot. 

Moreover, a couple of smaller vehicles are included in order to cover any exploration and conquering need you may face.  

Eight minifigures are projected to be included, those can be either existing collectable minifigures or new ones base on those ones. As it can be seen each vehicle is based on certain figure and color palette. 

This project is a dream from old times when I was young and wanted to design Lego; it was fueled by my love to Space and the unknown that lies beyond our planet and minds.

It is composed by approximately 600 pieces and five minifigures. It was designed with some of the Lego Collectable minifigures in mind and it is supposed to by driven and piloted by them.

If you like it, please comment, share and support. I am totally open to receive feedback and responds comments.

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