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Modular Clothing Store


For a more detailed and fun look at this creation, you can check out my stop motion animation review on it: 

I have tried to imitate a more classic, European look for this building, as it suits with the theme of the creation: clothes. 

On the outside, there are many details and patterns, which give it a nice touch. As well, I have only used two main colors - white and red - being inspired from structures from day-to-day life. 

The ground floor is reserved for men's clothing, containing racks of various types of shirts, as well as a section which has been specially made for pants and jeans. In addition, at each window there is a mannequin displayed for attracting customers. Finally, next to the stairs, which lead to the first floor, is the cashier and her desk.

The first floor, unlike the ground floor, is reserved for women's clothing, with two mannequins displayed, racks of clothes and accessories ( such as hats ) and a picture of one of the models wearing some of the clothes which are on sale.

The roof is mostly plain, containing only an A/C unit as well as a pipe with a valve which controls the flow of water through the building.

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