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Ice-cream Parlour


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I'm a big fan of ice-cream and this is my dream ice-cream parlour : Scoops.

The ice-cream shop has an ice-cream maker, a checkout counter, cupboards and a few sets of tables and chairs to serve customers at the restaurant. Ice-cream shop also has a gumball machine and ice cream cabinet to serve customer to take away outside.
Next to ice cream parlour is a colorful toy store and a walkway between of the toy store and ice cream parlour to go to the 2nd floor.
The 2nd floor consists of artist’s room, the balcony and the kitchen with stair to go to the bedroom at the 3rd floor.

The set contains 6 minifigures :
* Two ice-cream sellers
* Toy store staff
* And three children

I believe my idea will be a lovely part in your beautiful city.

The set can be connected to the modular buildings of the Lego Expert series.
I hope you like it and many thanks for your support !

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