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Classic Space Castle

Tired of hanging out in lunar bases? Wanna get medieval on the moon? Or do you simply think that a launching pad is a little too utilitarian? Well this is the set you are looking for. Is it Classic Space? Is it Classic Castle? NO!!! It's Classic Space Castle!!!

No longer do you need to debate whether you want Lego to make a Classic Space or a Classic Castle set. Now you can have your space and castle it too! Or should that be, have your castle and space it too? Who knows, but either way, its much better than cake!

These four intrepid explorers were getting bored hanging out on the moon, everyday it was the same old space station and spaceship. But hey, what's that over there, across the room? Are those knights in shining armor? Is that a castle? Do they actually count their horses to see how much horse power they have? If those guys can build that castle with their primitive horse-based transportation, certainly with all our advanced technology we could build one to! What do you say we give it a go?

So what does a castle need? Big doors, check! Battlements, check! A turret, uh oh, how are we going to build that? Hey I got an idea, now where did I put that giant rocket?

Woo hoo! We did it! We built the first castle on the moon! Now all that's left to do is get 10,000 people to support it.

I hope you enjoy this set. I certainly had a lot of fun creating this set which combined my two favorite Lego themes from my childhood (and today). If you love Classic Space and Classic Castle, please support this set and tell your friends to support it too. We need more Classic Space sets, I mean Classis Castle sets, I mean Classic Space Castle sets! As Benny always says, "Castle! Castle! Castle!"

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