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Benz and Daimler


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Theme: Historical Vehicles

In the projects I previously submitted I reproduced in virtual Lego the two vehicles that are universally considered the two real first cars: the 3-wheel "Benz Patent Motorwagen Velociped)" and the 4-wheel "Daimler Motorkutsche".

In some comments about my projects I was asked to create a multiple set and to add minifigures. I hope this matches the expectation of those who were so kind to support me.

In this project I imagine a scene in which the two German Engineers Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler meet and greet each other in front of their respective vehicles. It may be considered a sort of "Value Pack" including single sets, but actually both vehicles differ from the version shown in my previous entries in colours and building details. I already proposed the green version of the Velociped in a project update; the Motorkutsche's black version is brand new and reproduces a model that was recently exposed in a Mercedes-Benz stand.

For the minifigures I chose wigs, beards and facial decorations that seemed to me the most suitable for two gentlemen from the end of the Nineteenth Century. I hope nobody gets hurt or upset if they do not represent well enough two such illustrious men in the history of manhood progress.

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