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Bonsai Pine Tree


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The Bonsai Pine Tree

My goal was to create a lego bonsai that looks like a real bonsai. A tree that one likes to have at home or in the office. I designed the tree with all the details, that are important in bonsai design:

A pine tree in an informal upright style is one of the most typical bonsai. The style is common in both nature and in the art of Bonsai. The trunk grows upright roughly in the shape of a letter ‘S’ and at every turn branching occurs. The tapering of the trunk is clearly visible, with the base of the trunk thicker than the higher portion.

The bonsai has a clearly recognizable front. Main branches, who goes to the sides, and back branches are defined for this. The crown consists of branches pointing in all directions. The portrait shows the shape of an isosceles triangle.

The pot of the tree is in harmony with the stones and hast he perfect size of 2/3 of the tree. The roots of the tree run over a small hill between the rocks. Moss coverst the ground and gives the tree something of an old solitaire.

The size of the bonsai is a real Katade-Mochi-Bonsai (Bonsai for one hand) and fits great to the small official Lego Bonsai.

If you fell in love with my tree as much as I did, please support my project.

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