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Sustainable Villa

This building introduces sustainability and environmental awareness to children and others.

The family in this villa (currently housing a doctor’s practice) rely on solar power and wind energy. Thanks to their photovoltaic (PV) system and wind turbine, which includes a storage system, they hardly have to buy any electricity from the utility grid anymore.

The energy system consists of an arrangement of several components:
• Rooftop-mounted solar panels
• Wind Turbine
• Wind Turbine Inverter
• PV Inverter
• Battery Inverter
• Home Battery Storage System
• Heat Pump

The PV system delivers enough kWh of solar power to supply electricity for the washing machine, drying tumbler and dishwasher amongst others from their own roof.

The family began refueling with sunlight. An Electric Vehicle and a Home Charging Station completes their personal declaration of independence.

Recycling is another step towards a sustainable life and for that reason glass, paper and food waste are recycled using recycle bins.

To be more self-sufficient and enjoy higher-quality food, the family started an organic garden.

Rain water is being collected through rain gutters and down pipes to reduce water use.

Glazing areas are optimized by an overhanging roof so they can shade the windows when solar heat gain is undesirable.

The white inner walls reflect the light: natural light is able to pour in through the windows and bounce right off the walls to illuminate the spaces. It effectively doubles the brightness of the home, even on rainy, cloudy days!

The green roof on top of the garage serves several purposes, such as providing insulation and creating a habitat for wildlife.

This MOC has 3 easy separable floors and is built in scale 1/50 and consists of 8 hinged walls and a hinged roof to reveal the different rooms:
• Garage (with rolling garage door mechanism)
• Waiting Room
• Doctor’s Office
• Dining Room
• Kitchen
• Utility Room (with energy components)
• Office
• Media Room
• Master Bedroom
• 2 Bathrooms, 3 Toilets
• Children’s Bedroom
• Leisure Room (with snooker/pool table)
• 2 Hallways interconnected with staircases

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