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Pont Du Gard

Approximately 250 meters long and almost 50 meters high, the highest in the world.
This bridge located in the south of France, in the Gard, was built in the first half of the 1st century by the Romans
The construction was carried out by 1000 workers and would have taken 5 years.

It is part of a canal more than 52 kilometers long built between Uzès (departure) and Nîmes (arrival) and this bridge is therefore an aqueduct which had an approximate flow rate of 460 liters per second.

It spans the Gardon, the arch above the river measures 24 meters wide compared to 18 meters for the others.

You may have visited this site, you may have crossed this bridge during your summer vacation, in peace and quiet by the river.
Build it, like our ancestors before us, not in limestone, but in Lego, brick by brick, it will cross the ages like the original did through water.
And you can take it apart and reassemble it as many times as you want, unlike the real thing which won't move anytime soon ^^
"Golden" color like the sun will take you back to your old ones, or to your next vacation in the south of France, or to your construction table

For construction, you will need to assemble 900 bricks on 2 16x32 stud baseplates.
The length of the set will therefore be 51cm x 13cm x 21cm high.

Thank you for your support, other projects are underway on French monuments!

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