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Old Farm Tractor


Get dusty and dirty and plow the field! This old tractor has a plow that can move up and down depending on whether you want it to be plowing or just driving around. It also includes a farmer minifigure to drive it, big wheels in the back and small ones in the front, and a fancy pyramid on the hood. It has about 100 pieces in it and was a very fun build. I enjoy creating vehicles, and this one turned out awesome. On this build, I liked building the plow. The hardest part was getting the plow attached and sturdy, while still making it look good and not completely messing up the rear lights


Yes, the farmer can indeed get out. If you look at it from the front, the ladder is on the right hand side

The headlights and the taillights do not actually light up

I know the center of the wheels are different colors, but if this get 10K, that can be fixed