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Small Spaceships


This is a small set with 2 personnel spaceships, modelled after the Lego theme Classic Space. Each ship has about 35-50 pieces. Two minifigures would come in this set, the colours are not necessarily the ones in the photos. They could come with accessories as well, though I think this would be unnecessary. Both figs would come with full classic space logos and air tanks. Also, please note that Benny would not be in this set, only a spaceman.

The right ship is designed as more of a speeder, a low-flying vehicle that can either quickly transport a minifigure where he wants to go, or participate in ground battle. This ship has dual lasers, wings, and rockets.

The left ship is a fast, agile fighter. It would participate in dogfights, as well as other types of fighting. It could fight in atmosphere as well as space because of its wings. This ship also has dual lasers and a powerful rockets. Both these ships are not designed for faster than light travel.

Because there are two very different ships in here, it is easy for kids to play with them, singly of with others. for older collectors, these can be added to displays.

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