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Star Wars Shadowtrooper Drop Ship

Released in 2007, the original Dropship (7667) was a non-canon Star Wars troop-carrying vehicle, and was a pretty small set that I suspect most people bought simply because it had three Stormtroopers included.

Now, I have one of the original sets, and one thing that always bugged me about it was the simplicity. The troop platform was simply that, just a platform, with no visible method of restraint for the troops being ferried around, and the ship itself looked very weak and flimsy. So I decided to have a go at re-designing the Dropship...

As you can see, the new version has considerably more powerful weaponry, and a dedicated cockpit for the pilot (which I am rather proud of). The idea is now that once the pilot has dropped off the troops, he can take to the skies again and perform an air superiority or air-to-ground strike role as well.

The carrier now has a storage area for the troops weapons, railings to prevent them from falling to their deaths every time the vehicle makes a turn, an on-board power generator and a display terminal for tactical updates and deployment orders. The platform also now employs a double retention system, to stop the carrier from flailing wildly from side-to-side when suspended from the ship.

So there we have it, not a re-release, but a complete re-invention of the Imperial Dropship. Just as the X-Wings, Y-Wings, TIE Fighters, Falcons and Snowspeeders have been refined over the years, I think it's time this one was as well.

I just wish I had the parts to actually build a physical model of it.

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