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Hi everyone! 

Today I will present you...

A megastructure in micro scale!

This is possibly biggest project I ever made in LDD, counting on almost 3000 blocks and reaching diameter of over 50 cm. This beast of construction is my interpretation of common sci-fi megastructure - ringworld or Niven's Ring. Such megastructures can be seen in book by Larry Niven, Ringworld (which is actually original source of concept of such), Culture series, Halo series or Stellaris.

So what is ringworld? Well, one can say it is artifical space habitat in awesome scale. Habitat able to support ocean, continents, mountains, lakes, atmosphere, climate... and all thanks to sheer size and centrifugal force creating artifical gravity. Ringworlds in ficition can be from ones that consists of solar system to those that are 'just' size of planet. Either way - they are testament to our hopes and dreams for future in space.

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