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Yokai - Watch Jibanyan


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Hello everyone, this is my Yo Kai Watch Jibanyan moc.

Its design: Jibanyan is a bright red cat, with  little white stripes on his face. He has no pupils, and his two tails are sand green. On his torso is a nogat belt and his hands are red and white. You can clearly see the design in the picture above.

Story: Jibanyan was once a cat owned by a girl named Amy. One day Jibanyan was hit by a truck and he turned into a Yo Kai. He now feels that it is his responsibility to destroy trucks. To do this he inspirits people and makes car accidents. He is know to love chocolate, magazines, and fish.

Why I made this moc? The answer is simple. I like Yo Kai Watch! Plus one of Yo Kai's rival is Pokemon, which is a rival of LEGO too. I would love too see this in stores, along with many other Yo Kai Watch sets, I will build in the future. 

Why you should support? Its not that I want everyone to support but, I think this project really looks like the animated Jibanyan, that we know and love. Imagine having an awesome show as a LEGO product. Why wouldn't anyone want an awesome cute cat with more than two hundred pieces! I see no reason why this shouldn't be supported except for the reason being:  "I hate yo kai watch". Well its your loss, I love Yo Kai Watch and if you don't I feel bad. 

Overall, it wouldn't hurt to support this, and it is very simple to support. 

Thank you and my next project will be whisper.

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