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Vampyre Squadron


Introducing the Vampyre Squadron.

These are five vessels of the United Earth Defence Force, an organisation formed in the 23rd century following the unification of the world's major nations. Tasked with defending the Solar system from invaders, privateers, and 'resource hunters', illegal prospectors desperate to exploit the mineral reserves found on the outer-lying planets. Operating from hidden bases spread throughout the 9 planets, they can deploy at a moment's notice to strike fast, and strike hard, against those who would threaten the fragile peace that Earth now enjoys.

Of course, all of that could be complete rubbish and I might have just designed five cool-looking ships for the fun of it ;). Actually you might recognised the basis for some of the ships, being my Imperial Ice Speeder, but that design seemed too 'small' to me, and needed beefing up a little. To that end I took the basic design and expanded it to create five new ships. Over the space of several weeks I have adjusted, tweaked, and modified my ideas to come up with these final five, and in the process I have removed all ties (get it?? Oh never mind...) to the Star Wars universe and am releasing it as a stand-alone design.

Those more eagle-eyed amongst you might notice that the pilots in some of the images look remarkably like Rebel pilots, and there might be a hint or two of an Astromech in the back of some of the ships, but they are relics. I have since removed them from the models, but it takes sooooooo long to render these images that I really couldn't bear to wait for another three or four days to reproduce them all. So please, disregard them, these models are NOT anything to do with Star Wars (however, those of you who look in my online gallery might spot a sixth ship that I had to exclude from the collection, but it still looks awesome none the less).

The ships in the set (yes, it will be a single box with all 5 models) so far are...

  1. The Strike Fighter (298 pieces). A long-range attack and reconnaissance craft. (3D view).
  2. The Gunship (323 pieces). A heavily armed short-range interceptor. (3D view).
  3. The Missile Boat (390 pieces). The clue's in the name... (3D view).
  4. The Naval Fighter (274 pieces). A stripped-down fighter designed for carriers. (3D view).
  5. The Tank (464 pieces). A heavy ground-based attack vehicle. (3D view).

(Note: In converting the models to work on the SketchFab site, some parts do go missing, treat these as rough representations and not the actual designs)

Remember, larger images and earlier designs can be found in my DeviantART gallery.

To all the fellow AFOLs, army builders, MOC'ers, and younger fans of Lego, I thank you for your support , and please, spread the word. Tell your friends, families, partners, parole officers, neighbours, Facebook 'friends', random people you meet on the street, everyone! ;).

Scott "SWAT" Strachan.

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