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The Working Slot Machine


As a player My father has always dreamed to visit one day Las Vegas with it's wonderful casinos. So waiting a futur trip to usa I decided to bring a little part of this universe at home by creating this unique lego slot machine toy.

About the project

To create this Idea, I was inspired by old slot machine but also slot machine toys, so I was looking for the perfect look, what shape ? what colors ? Finally I created something curved in dark green and light grey with lot of details 

How it's works ? 

when you put down the lever you turn on a swich which operates an engine and lights up the beacon. This engine rotates rollers via a clutch system. When you put up the lever you turn off the engine and you stop rollers. If all three hammers are on the hole (means three "7" are aligned) the hatch go down and you win, otherwise you lose. I incorporated an additional system that goes up the hatch after winning to restart the system and play again. Random movement is created by a difference in elastic tension.
At the beginning there was only one hole for seven notches (1 in 512 chance of winning), so it was very hard to win, that's why there are two holes in the real slot machine ( around 1 in 64 chance of winning). 

the global project counts arround 1400 parts  

I hope you will like this project, it was a great challenge to create this slot machine and I think it could be fun for built and play !

Enjoy this project and good luck ! 


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