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The Andy Griffith Show: The Courthouse


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Welcome to Mayberry! First airing on October 3rd, 1960, The Andy Griffith Show has been a perennial favorite of young and old alike. It is considered by many to be one of the greatest television shows of all time!

The Model:
The building itself is composed of two sections, and is compatible with the Modular Building Line. The base floor contains the Sheriff's Office, Cell Block, and Back Room. Details include: Functional Doors, Andy's Desk, brick-built American Flag, Filing Cabinet, Gun Rack, Bulletin Board, Bookshelf, Heater, and Cell Cots. The back room and cell walls remove for maximum play-ability.

The roof is connected to the second floor and includes details from episode #95 The Big House, such as a broom closet, chimney, light fixture, barrels, and trashcan.

An essential sub-model for this set is the squad car. The car seats 4 minifigures comfortably, and boasts opening doors and trunk.

Featured in Episode 5 of @InvinciblePea033' "Lego Ideas Of The Day"

Other Info:
⦁ The model was achieved using existing LEGO parts and colors (excluding minifigures and custom printed elements).
⦁ Includes 7 minifigures: Sheriff Andy Taylor, Deputy Barney Fife, Opie Taylor, Aunt Bee, Gomer Pyle, Floyd Lawson, and Otis Campbell.
⦁ The building measures 40 x 32 Studs and 11.1 inches (28.3 cm) high. The squad car measures 7.3 inches (‪18.5‬ cm) long.
⦁ The entire model consists of 2,977 pieces.

Closing thoughts:
If you are a fan of LEGO, The Andy Griffith Show, or both, and would like to see this become a set, please support and share. Thank you.

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