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Excalibur: A Life-Sized Longsword


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Behold! A life-sized longsword of LEGO bricks for imaginative play...or to hang on the wall.

This Excalibur is loosely modeled on King Arthur's legendary longsword. It features a blade 30.5" (~78cm) long, a handsome guard, a handle almost 4.5" (11.2cm) long, and a fancy, round pommel. It includes a single sapphire embedded in the blade to properly reflect the status of its owner.

This build has approximately 350 bricks and plates, but that number could be brought down by optimizing the piece selection (I used what we had). It's quite sturdy and can sustain a lot of swinging around, but knocking it into anything solid is going to dislodge (if not crack) some parts. And knocking it into anything living is going to produce some pain. That said, the kids and I had good fun running around the house pretending to be knights on a quest after we built it (along with some shortswords and daggers for them, of course). The US quarter that appears in some photos is just shown for scale.

Happy to answer any questions. Thanks in advance for your support.

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