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Modular Clothing Store

So I've been away from LEGO Ideas for a bit over two years, and this is my big return! As you can see, it's significantly more advanced than the previous builds on my page. But anyways, here it is!

This is a modular clothing store and cafe that is designed to connect up to the existing expert modular buildings. The ground floor features a small cafe with outdoor seating and the staircase that leads up to the quiet clothing store. The clothing store itself is spread out across three floors, with the first floor being the counter and the men's department, the second floor being the women's department and the top floor is the children's department.

I built this building because I felt like the modular series needed another corner building. I also wanted to go for a slightly more simplistic look, with a building that wouldn't stand out too much, but not to the point that it looked like it wouldn't belong with the other modulars. I believe that this set meets a good midpoint between the two and I hope you agree!

Enjoy! :)

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