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Pi The Red Panda


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Two questions - what is the best animal, and why is it the red panda?

Red pandas are by far and away my favourite animal (except perhaps my cat). Their Latin name is Ailurus fulgens which means 'shining cat' which is pretty cool already right?

These beautiful creatures are native to the Himalayan region, and are the original 'panda' in the English language. Its namesake, the Giant Panda, is a very different animal, and the red panda is more closely related to raccoons than bears. However, they both love bamboo!

Although normally a shy and retiring creature, the destruction of their natural habitat is bringing them more and more into contact with humans - where unfortunately their fur is often used for clothing. The world red panda population has halved over the last 50 years. They are an endangered species that need protection, so I hope I can help everyone fall in love with them as much I have.

This red panda is called Pi.

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