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4-4-0 Steam Train Set


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It's always nice to own a traditional train set, is it not? So why not have one out of Lego Bricks!

If you haven't noticed--yeah, if ​you haven't--I have a big passion for trains. Lionel is my go-to for inspirations for Lego train projects. This is the result of one of my many Lionel Train inspirations.

This project is 706 pieces. It includes a 4-4-0 Steam Locomotive with a built-in tender, a Milk Wagon, a Boxcar, and a Caboose. Also, there are two minifigures: a man engineer, and a woman conductor.

The reason the Milk Wagon is so complex is so that way Power Functions can be fitted into this project. The motor would be attached to the big wheels in the back of the Steam Locomotive, while the reciever and aaa battery box get stored into the Milk Wagon.

I hope you liked my project! If you have any questions or suggestions--that rhymed!--tell me all about it in the commets. Peace out, everyone! By cheesy. 9/23/2017

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