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Hardware Store (Mark II)

Here is mark II hardware store where I changed the whole building design to suit an old country town in modern times.
You can easily see a centre display with stickered tiles acting as hardware and plumbing lines and tools on either side of it.
You can see how tech pins can be used to hold tools like pick axes, shovels and brooms.
In a simpler design of this actual hardware lines could be stored in drawers represented by 1x2 jumper tiles with a single stud covering a large section of wall behind the counter....though it would add the feel of a very old style hardware store.

Rear view of the centre display, quite a realistic merchandiser in my opinion.
After this redesign I took the chance on adding electrical appliances to it so this would totally would fit a country town. Stores in the country usually have to multi-task.

Comments welcome.

Here we have what goes on the other end of the gondola, toliet seats and small packets of plumbing washers and jumper valves.....there are a lot of taps and toilets in Lego City !
There is an earlier and later design of hardware store so go with them all or the one you like the most.
Thanks for those supporting my work.

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