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Fireball XL5


Fireball XL5 was a cartoon science fiction programme which screened initially in 1962/1963. The programme was filmed in ‘Supermarionation’ and was a forerunner to other programmes produced by Gerry Anderson such as Thunderbirds.


At the time the idea of a ramp to aid take-off and a re-useable booster were common in science fiction and had previously been evaluated for the real space programme.


This model set includes:

·       Fireball XL5 – the complete spacecraft including a detachable cone with an opening cockpit. The cockpit has room only for one pilot.

·       A long ramp for take-off

·       The Space City complex

·       All the crew of Fireball XL5 – Colonel Steve Zodiac, Doctor Venus, Professor Matt Matic, Robert the Robot and Zooney, plus a ‘Subterrain’ alien, one of the ‘baddies’.


The main picture for this model illustrates a shortened track so that the whole picture will fit in the provided space. In practice the model would have a longer track and the angle of incline on the take-off ramp would be adjustable. Also the booster rocket cradle can be placed at different positions along the rocket so that the rocket can be compatible with the incline of the take off ramp.


The supporting pictures also illustrate the method of construction along the rocket, i.e., long axle rods provide strengthening along the rocket to prevent easy separation at brick interfaces.


It would be good if this model could introduce a new generation to this classic TV series and who knows, maybe inspire a comeback.


The model has 1657 bricks and includes 6 minifigs. The overall dimensions of the set will depend on the length of track actually used.

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