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Justice League Mini Sets:The Alien, The Knight, The Amazon


                                                           Welcome brick people!

  This project isn't base on anything particular. It has three mini sets for the three main justice league members, Batman, superman and Wonder Woman. One mini set is part of the Batcave, and contains one Batman(original with batboots) minifigure. The other two are Superman's fortress of solitude and wonderwoman's Paradise island. It also contains a superman(original in a darker blue color with superboots) minifigure and a wonderman(warriors wonderwoman) minifigure. Some users may recognize the old images from my Lego cuusoo project, and probably wonder what happen to that project. Well, that project didn't follow the new guidelines because it was consider "minifigures project", but now its brought back and fix. There will be more recreating of this projects, like the Greenlantern set, Flash set and etc. Also the old images are just to compare with the new ones, so its not part of this project.



Help build the heroes's sets to represent their home. Then connect the other sets to form the Justice League!


"Batman Arkham City: Joker's Lazarus Pit Showdown"

"Dc pets: Batdog To The Rescue

"Batman v. Superman Dawn Of Justice: Collector Edition"

"Batman Arkham Asylum: Bane Attack"

"Batman: Flashpoint"

"Batman: Blackest Night Grave"

"Lego Batman Arkham Origins Batwing Smash Up"

"Batman Arkham Knight: Warehouse Of Fear"

"Batman Arkham Knight: The Batmobile Battle"

"Lego Mini Tumbler"

"Nightmare Before Christmas: Jack's Santa Sleigh"

"Nightmare Before Christmas: This Is Halloween!"

"Batman Begins: Extended Detail Tumbler"

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