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GP-38 Locomotive


This is my project idea for a GP-38 Locomotive, this is inspired by th origional GP-38, but with an updated and modernized look. I've always been fond of trains and missed the days that we'd get sets that are focusing on the locomotive itself. The purpose of this project is so train fanatics like myself can add something to their layout, or have a small affordable start.


The locomotive itself is primarily blue with a white hood, based off of GATX Conrail and some BNSF locomotives. it has 451 pieces and has two minifigures, an engineer and a conductor. the cab of the engine can be easily removed to seat one minifgure. the front, rear, and side railings can also accomidate a minifigure.


If you have any questions or critiques please post in the comments, if you enjoy this project, show some support and share the project.


All Aboard!

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