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Endless Summer 3; the Ultimate Beach Vacation


This is Endless Summer 3. It has a jetty to protect waves from getting into small dock. Dock has a black and white speed boat next to it. There are two surfers. One is surfing a wave. The other one is standing on the jetty. There is a colorful beach rental shop with almost every Lego color imaginable including dark purple and light pink. The beach rental shop has scuba gear, snorkel mask, a fishing rod, spear gun, surfboard, fins, and a jet ski, all for rental. There is a tall palm tree behind a lifeguard chair. A little kid is digging a hole and finally reached water by going so deep in the sand. There is a guy lounging on the beach with a cooler and umbrella over him. He rode a dune buggy with a surfboard on top to the beach. It is parked behind the lifeguard tower. There is a wind surfer catching a wave on the outside. The lifeguard chair has cones blocking off a section of the sand so that he has a clear pathway to the water. Surfers ride waves off the jetty. One surfer is ready to jump into the lineup while another is surfing down the line. There are two people waiting in line to rent something for the day. The boat is taking a scuba diver out to the reef. 

The build consists of 19 minifigs, two lobsters, a crab, a parrot, and a seagull. Two of the minifigs are just heads as they are swimming in the water. One minifig is just her upper body as she is standing in the shallow ocean. 


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