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Pioneer Cabin

I am very happy to present my Pioneer Cabin project. After browsing the submissions on this site, I came to the realization that a good portion of the successful posts is of general concepts or themes, such as medieval, pirates, space, or something else that can easily be recognized. The model is extremely detailed, especially the walls and roof. they are made up of many smaller pieces to give it the texture of chopped wood and give it that hand-crafted look. The backside of the roof swings open to granting the builder access to the second floor and the chimney features a light-up brick to give the fireplace a burning glow. The set includes a family of 3, a wife, husband, and child, as well as 2 side builds, a carriage, and a soup cauldron. The interior is made up of carved wood furniture, and even includes a workbench, and several carving tools for the husband, who crafts furniture for a living. one little detail I really liked was the inclusion of the book "Moby Brick" which is a spoof of the famous novel Moby Dick; or The Whale, which was written in 1852, making it appropriate for the era portrayed. This set would of course be excellent for professional LEGO fans, or those who are interested in any of the historical themes, and this model could potentially popularize MOC building themed on the pioneering era.

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