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Rock 'N' Roll Concert


This is my idea for a rock concert in Lego form. This set features a 9 piece drum set, a keyboard, a turn table set, two large amps, two small amps, mini stage lights, spotlights, a guitar stand, seven guitars, and six minifigures (lead guitarist/singer, rhythm guitarist, bassist, D.J., keyboardist, and drummer).

There are some unique colors used for the minifigures arms, torsos, and the guitars.

The drum set can be customized to you're preference, from switching the layout of the cymbals and drums, to changing the size to reduce the amount of drums in the kit.

You can also swap guitarists' guitars with the extra guitars on the guitar rack. You can also switch the positions of the instruments to customize the layout of the stage.

This set can go with you're city festival layout, it can also can be a nice display piece. 





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