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BONES - Fox Series Set

BONES - Fox series set

We already have some LEGO Series based sets, why don't we already had Bones set? I've decided to change that.

The concept and purpose of this set is to make this series fans recreate their favorite scenes from the show and play around with different situations. This set includes quite big parts of main locations of the series: Angela's studio, Booth's Office and main stage.
Everything including fine little details all around the building. The whole building is separated, so you can position them how you would like.

In the series there's ton of characters to choose from. Interns, Background characters, and many, many more. But I've decided to stay with main cast of 6 characters: Sweets, Cam, Hodgins, Angela, Booth and Brennan as (Bones). I think this would be enough for everyone to play and make series moments come to life.

Physical details:
Total: 1228 - Including Minifigures parts

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