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Working Arcade Machines


A collection of classic arcade and fairground games with a twist - they are fully functional! Check out the video below to see how they work!

Pinball Machine - Pull back the plunger and let go to fire the pinball into the play field where you'll need to use the flippers to avoid the obstacles and test your skill to get the high score!

Claw Grabber Machine - Move the claw to pick up one of the toys inside, and then carefully carry it to the drop off point to win your prize!

Whack A Mole Game - Use your reflexes to whack the moving moles as they jump up and down out of their holes!

Coin Pusher Machine - Drop coins and tokens onto the moving platform to push the ones at the front, and watch as they sometimes pile up or all drop down at once!

Shooting Gallery Game - Take aim and fire at the moving target as you try to knock it over using each of the three stud shooters!

I've always loved LEGO creations that are great for both display and play, which is what inspired me to design my working arcade machines. Starting with the pinball machine I uploaded to my YouTube channel in 2016, I've since expanded my range of working arcade machines to include a variety of popular games, which all contain compact Technic mechanisms to allow them to be playable. 

Each of these working arcade machines are minifigure-scale, making them a perfect addition to your LEGO arcades, fairgrounds, theme parks and carnivals. I believe this would make a great LEGO set because everyone can enjoy playing these miniature versions of these classic games, as they are instantly recognisable and fun for all ages!

Thanks for your support!

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