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Renault 4 (L)

The Mini Cooper was the first model that I bought after some time and the Fiat 500 the model after that. I really like these cars because they’re iconic but also accessible as being a car of the people. These models were the reason I got back into LEGO.

After some other builds I decided to try and make a car that would fit beside the Mini Cooper and Fiat 500. Around this time I happened to see a video on the history of the Renault 4 and was hooked. This, for me, was the perfect car to build.

The Renault 4 (L) is a small economy car produced by Renault between 1961 and 1994. The 4 was Renault's response to the Citroën 2CV. It has out-produced other iconic small cars such as the BMC Mini (5 million), the Morris Minor (2 million), the Citroën 2CV (over 3 million), and also the original Fiat Cinquecento (4 million), to become one of the most produced cars ever.

The shape of the Renault 4 instantly recognisable and I tried to capture this as good as possible.

Fun fact: The 4 celebrated it’s 60 birthday in 2021 and Renault will bring back a modern version of the 4 in 2025.

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