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Bzmot & Bzx Railcars


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This is the re-builded re-upload of my first project.

These are old, Czeh-Slovakian Bzmot and Bzx railcars in the colours of the Hungarian National Railways (MÁV). The first versions of these railcars were made in the mid-'70s in Tatra-Studenka. Back then they had Skoda ML 634 six cylinder engine and Praga 2M70 hidro-mechanic auto transmission. Later these parts were replaced by MAN 2866 LUH 20 engine and Voith DIWA.3E auto transmission. These railcars serve the secondary railways in hungary.

About the model:

-All three units are different. We have a main car with battery box, IR reciver and engine. It still can seat four mini figures. The second car is a secondary railcar with no electric parts. This car can seat 10 minifigures. The third car is imitating the renovated Bzx-s, because it has a storage part for bycicles. It can seat up to 7 minifigures. The second and the third railcar has the walls of the toilet, tho no figures can fit in there.

-My model is shorter than it's real-life counter part. Instead of 6 it has only 4 windiws on it's side. That was the price of making it in a way, so it can fit more in the lego atmosphere. It's buffers are in the the same height as official lego train's.

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