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SEGA! Genesis Console


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The SEGA company has been a staple of gaming for generations, and has inspired much of my design philosophy. Now, their iconic 1988 console comes to life in a 732-peice recreation that's large, detailed, and faithful to the real thing. My model depicts a 16-bit Mega Drive console, with all the key features and designs that made the original such a success, such as the controller ports, cartridge reciever, and the retro color scheme. I used a lot of sloped, curved, and technic bricks and tiles to create the perfect angles, but my favorite part is "16-BIT" plaque, which I struggled to build due to scale. The vents on the side also used an interesting tile technique, and the power/reset/volume switches are attached with studs-on-side connections.

In addition, an (almost) 1:1 scale controller is included with three red trigger buttons and a movement pad, alongside two game cartridges (Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Vectorman), both of which where built using studs-on-side techniques. Plug these into the console for hours of fun!

To fit with the nostalgic feeling of this model, I've also built a small diorama of a late-80's kid playing on the Genesis at home, complete with action figures, soda, classic movie posters, and an adorable pet bird to keep him company. Fans of SEGA will simply be mesmerized by the amount of details captured in this model, and I think it would make a fantastic additon to the Lego gaming collection, as well as a great building experience and parts pack for MOC creators everywhere!

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