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Hair Salon / Barbershop

This is a Hair Salon Lego set, the idea of ​​which was given by my own salon. I am a hairdresser and I decided to build a perfect working hair salon set. Everything in the set is in the perfect place, just like in real life.

I like plants and since fresh air is important in a hair salon, I placed many plants in it. There is also a glass showcase at the entrance, which of course contains a Lego figure. The set includes 3 hair cutting chair so that even several guests can beautify themselves at the same time. Waiting guests can take a seat on a couch next to a standing hair dryer. In addition, I built a professional hair washing chair, which also has the color bar at hand, so that the hair color of the guests is also perfect. Finally, naturally, I built a small kitchen, a small toilet and a storage room for the hairdresser.

There are many excellent hairdressers in the world who can be worthy role models for children. With this Lego set, even little ones can try what a hairdresser does.

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