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The Tesla Coil

This is Nikola Tesla’s “Tesla Coil”. It is one of the most iconic and straight up awesome contributions to STEM. Put simply, a tesla coil is an air-core transformer that utilizes primary and secondary coils in order to resonate. It is similar to a light bulb in many ways, but where the light bulb pushes electrons through a copper wire; a Tesla coil pushes it through the air via ionization.

The invention of the tesla coil led to the wireless transmission of telegraphy. It also greatly contributed to X-rays, and electrical power transmission. A tesla coil was even used to produce lighting effects for a movie.

This model includes a base plate with five detachable parts.

The five parts are:

1.) The Capacitors
2.) The spark gap
3.) The Terry Filter
4.) The transformer
5.) The second and primary coils, with the donut shaped toroid at the top

This model also includes a Nikola Tesla mini-fig.

I believe this model would be an awesome LEGO IDEAS set as a “engineering” themed one. This model is not only educational, but also simply awesome.

Hope you enjoy!


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