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Dabohtap (Daboh tower)


-Dabohtap (Daboh tower) history-

Daboh tower was in south korea which is made by daeseongkim.
Daboh tower was created in the Unified Silla(751).
also It is national treasure in south korea too.
Its height is 10.4m and width is 4.4m.
Unfortunately,There is sorrow comes dabotap handed down intact deprived the country in Japan. Japanese have completely dismantled the tower in 1925, were repaired, not left at all on this record. In addition, the ferns and fern device placed in the towers, and other artifacts have been unable to know the whereabouts of all blown away in the process. Stone lion and the conservation status of three of the most liked like four were placed on the stone steps of the air masses are plundered by the Japanese, trying to regain it this long time, but do not know the whereabouts yet.
lastly, I'm so sad that I can't explain all about daboh tower beacuse of my Lack of English language skills. but I know you can understand it. thank you.

-woosungkim in south korea-

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