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Vintage Telegraph

I decided to challenge myself and try to build a vintage telegraph, because that would be an awesome LEGO set! In my opinion it turned out pretty good, so I decided to upload it as an idea here. I hope you like it too.

A telegraph key is an older technology that was used for long-range communication using Morse code. This invention has been very important for our society and we should never forget how amazing it was, which is why I think it would be an awesome Lego set. The build is pretty small consisting of 195 parts. Your support is very appreciated, and you can help in my attempt to make this a real Lego set!

There is only one thing left to say:
ꓸꓸ / ꓸ- ꓸ--ꓸ ꓸ--ꓸ ꓸ-ꓸ ꓸ -ꓸ-ꓸ ꓸꓸ ꓸ- - ꓸ / -ꓸ-- --- ꓸꓸ- ꓸ-ꓸ / ꓸꓸꓸ ꓸꓸ- ꓸ--ꓸ ꓸ--ꓸ --- ꓸ-ꓸ - -ꓸ-ꓸ--
(I appreciate your support!)

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