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Star Wars The Force Unleashed Vehicles


These are two of the vehicles seen in the Star Wars the force unleashed video game. The one on the right is an all terrain missile platform, also known as an AT-MP. The ship is an imperial dropship transport, also known as an IDT. AT-MPs were used by the Galactic Empire as walking missile platforms. The IDT was pretty much the imperial version of the Republic Gunship. IDTs were used for rapid entries onto the battlefield. They transported stormtroopers quickly during assaults on enemy bases too, and were used in the atmosphere.

I built this set because I have always loved Star Wars The Force Unleashed. These vehicles are seen during gameplay. When building the AT-MP, it was hard to get the head to look right, but after playing around with it, I was able to get it to look right. The IDT has enough room to fit about five stormtroopers and two pilots. I included an Imperial pilot, a stormtrooper, a scout trooper in the set to give it an Imperial feel. I also included the main character from the game, the iconic Galen Marek/Starkiller!

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