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Batman And Robin


Batman has always been my favorite superhero. Perhaps because he had no super powers but he was able to triumph or perhaps because one of my first toys was just an action figure of Batman (I still remember when my mother gave it to me).

I think it can be an interesting set because Batman has captivated several generations, in fact, over the years has been able to evolve while remaining true to its character.

Many sets themed Batman were made, but all in minifigure scale. My Batman instead is huge!

The technique used by me is a construction technique very appreciated by the fans. Each AFOL engages in the creation of action figures in larger scale.

Also it has a great playability because it has movable joints!

The cloak that I could not be in the best way, I expect to be made of fabric.

And what about Robin? I have no words to add! He is great too!

My dear friends awaken the hero inside each of you and support me!

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