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Unimog Arocs Transporter


Thank you for viewing my creation! Help me out by supporting!!

This set will include a grey Mercedes Benz Unimog U4000, a orange Unimog U400, a white Arocs 2042, Mercedes trailer and PTO attachments for the Unimogs!

The Mercedes Benz Unimog is one of the most recognizable, capable, durable and amazing machines to  ever be created.  These trucks are all created to the standard, scale, and statistics of the real thing (the best that I could) and are meant to be played with.  This set is the set for Unimog, Arocs and Mercedes Benz enthusiasts alike! 

This is my pride and joy.  The Mercedes Benz Unimog is not only the most capable automobile (if you can even call it one!) in the world, but my favorite vehicle in the world.  I have put as much effort as I could into making these as realistic yet playable and durable as possible.  If you admire any of these awesome machines, please help me by supporting and hopefully these will be on your shelf one day!

I would like to recognize filmvr for his crane attachment on his U400, which I took serious inspiration from when creating my crane.


  • Extreme realism in the details of each component of the trucks.
  • White Arocs 2042 fits two minifigures.
  • Both Unimogs fit one minifigure each.
  • The U400 (orange) is able to hook up to an infinite amount of devices with front and rear mounts.
  • Bed on the U400 is able to dump.
  • Both Unimogs can haul conventional Lego ball joint trailers.
  • Each have the raised Lego axle plate, which simulate the Unimog's actual portal axles.
  • All of the creations seen here are built with 100% legal Lego attachments and designs.
  • Each are EXTREMELY durable.


It is the viewers like you who are most important, and I thank you for your time!


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