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Hi there,

Thank you for checking out my LEGO-Ideas project!

As you can see, I have made a modified version of the "Ole Kirk Christiansen" house (the founder of LEGO).

I wanted this set to be a tribute to him, a tribute to the man who gave us the world-famous brick!

I think this would make a great set, because it features a lot of: building techniques, small details and LEGO history.

To give examples of the details:

- The house is surrounded by cobblestone and high grass

- Inside the house, there is an old flooring pattern

- The interior is completed with a sofa, coffee table, worktable, work chair, and wooden storage

- On the coffee table and worktable are laying plans and letters that contains LEGO set ideas

- In the right corner of the inside is a wooden structure to make you think of wooden bars

- There is a coat rack with a top hat on the inside

- There is a dog chasing a cat on the outside
- There is coming smoke from the chimneys
- There are owls on the laps, which can be just white owls or a decorative element for the lamppost

- Yes, there is a minifigure of Ole Kirk Christiansen

Feel free to support!
Thank you!
- Joachim Bricks

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