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Fitness and Internet Cafe in a House With Elevator


Dear LEGO friends,

Welcome to this site where I would like to introduce to you a new addition to the Lego Creator Expert family. A specialty of this house is, in addition to a gym and an Internet café, a functional lift that will take the inhabitants from the ground floor to the highest floor.

This set consists of three floors, which are furnished with furniture and unique accessories.

On the ground floor you will find an entrance hallway with a mailboxes, a staircase and a lift. In the red house there is a fully equipped internet café where you can also have a cake in addition to coffee. The yellow house has a fitness centre reception with lockers for clothes, a bathroom and a toilet, and a dressing room.

The first floor of the gym is equipped with five functional fitness machines, a mirror and the necessary clocks. In the adjacent house, there is a reconstruction of the apartment above the café. The craftsman has all the necessary equipment, including stepladder and vacuum cleaner.

A staircase or a lift will take you to the second floor where there are two furnished apartments. You can choose whether to sit comfortably in your chair and listen to your favourite CDs, or turn your TV and eat some desserts. Here you can turn depending on whether you are looking from an armchair or a bed. Furnished kitchen with accessories, toilet with shower is a matter of course in both apartments.

On the sidewalk in front of the house is an excursionist on a segway, but he has to be careful to avoid a box of flowers. At the back of the house, you can use the gear to move the elevator to individual floors. During the journey by elevator you can look out through the glass wall.

This modular set includes 2350 parts and a total of seven minifigures. Barista, internet cafe customer, fitness receptionist, two fitness visitors, craftsman and excursionist on the segway.

Thanks a lot for your visit and of course for your vote if you are interested in this house with a lift, a gym and an internet café. :-)

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