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Hospital Rooms


What is LEGO ideas all about then?

This is a campaign to produce an official Lego set. Producing fan conceived Lego sets is the point of LEGO ideas. Projects really only have a shot at getting produced if they "go viral" to some extent. So please consider:

- tweeting the project (and tweet again, and again, and again, and...again)
- share on Facebook with all your friends and people you think will be interested in the subject of LEGO
- directly contact esteemed individuals and webpages that are cool enough to talk about the subject or have abig fanbase estabilished.
- Publish it in your tumblr
- Add the image to your instagram
- Comment the project
- Tell all your friends and family at home, school, work.
- ...

Simply put, tell everyone about it and encourage them to support the project. Once we reach 10.000 supporters, LEGO cuusoo will then review the project and if it passes, a new LEGO set will be made available to us all.

Thanks for helping us out!


That being stated...


Behold HOSPITAL cabinets idea... NOTE: WARNING: BEWARE: This is a standalone set and not a serie in any way :)

The whole concept behind this idea is to divide into sections several parts of the hospital with their specific medical specialties - in this example we have a stomatologist (commonly named dentist) a general medicine or pediatrician office (you decide XD) and a recovery room.  You can check other ideas for this  at my flickr/ portfolio account- - somewhere in the mix of all my ideas.


WIth one set you can connect 3 modules vertically or horizontally making it a regular standard square building or you can buy several sets and expand as much as you want or your wallet allows it XD


Thanks for reading all this through. I hope I can count on your support to take this project into the next level. Cheers!

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