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Flapjack Flier

This is the Flapjack Flier. I call it that because it is mostly flat on the sides and resembles a somewhat round shape. This model includes 2 minifigures. The first minifigure is the pilot who has a sidearm pistol. The second minifigure is the pilot's son who tags along with him in the set. The build itself is reasonable sturdy and can fit both minifigures in their own area. The cockpit is for the pilot and in the middle section, you can open up a trapdoor to fit the second minifigure in there. The back area is a storage for the pilot's pistol or whatever minifigure accesories you wish to put there. The back also features 3 engines and a very nice round cylander build that is connected to its counterpart by a tube. At the front of the ship on each side of the cockpit there are spring-loaded shooters to fire away. You can find a small gap on each side of the cockpit and when you press down on the gaps, the spring-loaded shooters fire. In conclusion, the Flapjack Flier is a well rounded build for both kids and adults as kids can play with it, and adults can feature it.

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