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Medieval Archery Range

Hi Everyone,

I'm glad to present you this Medieval Archery Range with it's minifigure.

Maybe you already know from my other LEGO Ideas projects that I love LEGO Medieval themes, and that I also love the idea of compact-but-detailed sets.

As an adult, I am today able to buy myself huge sets. But before that, I mainly played with small sets received as gifts. These small sets were minifigures oriented and with very interesting environment details even with a small number of parts.

For all those reasons, here is the Medieval Archery Range!

  • Soldiers can train their bow ability on different targets.
  • The tower can take two different positions in the scene. 
  • There are hidden grapes and a hidden bat.

This set could easily be part of a Medieval Village and Castle theme.

I hope you will enjoy this idea made of 342 parts.
Best regards,
Antoine, France.

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